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Posted on 27 Jul 2016 at 10:13 by Vicky Lewis

EAIE pre-conference workshop

Those working in university or college International Relations offices - or in other areas where internationalisation is a primary focus - can sometimes find it challenging to build wider institutional buy-in and support from colleagues in other functions. These colleagues have different priorities and pressures and expectations on them. So what approaches can be used to engage them?

This was the thinking behind developing the pre-conference workshop Glasgow EAIE 2015that Fiona Hunter and I ran before last year’s EAIE (European Association for International Education) conference in Glasgow. We had positive feedback and are offering (an improved version of) the workshop again on Tuesday 13 September at this year’s EAIE conference in Liverpool.

The workshop covers organisational context, personal impact and influence, and stakeholder perspectives.

Workshop content and approach

We’ll explore with participants how an institution’s stage of internationalisation development and its organisational culture can impact on strategies for internal engagement. Then we’ll discuss how to develop our personal skills and competencies for managing upwards, downwards and sideways (including the art of influencing without authority). We’ll spend some time considering the perspectives of other stakeholders, including how best to overcome resistance to change, identify allies and build momentum and advocacy.

Since it’s a full-day workshop, we try to keep things lively and interactive, with a mix of input from Fiona and me, group discussions, case studies, peer consulting, and some frameworks and tools which can be applied in your work. Participants should leave with a personal action plan to put into practice over the next six months – and some insights into new approaches to engage colleagues more proactively in institutional internationalisation.

If this sounds interesting....

You can email me to find out more on vickylewisconsulting[at]gmail.com .

Or register for the workshop (it’s pre-conference workshop number 03 on Tuesday 13 September) via the EAIE conference website before the conference registration deadline of 24 August 2016.


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