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This page includes a selection of testimonials and recommendations from clients of Vicky Lewis Consulting.

Martyn Edwards


April, 2022

David Winstanley

director of global recruitment and admissions at university of southampton (Now Executive Director student life)

Vicky’s vast experience and knowledge in the international education sphere combined with her personable approach make her a great choice when looking for a consultant for your strategy. I’ve worked with Vicky directly on two projects at Southampton, and in each she’s demonstrated an ability to dig deep into data and insight to inform an achievable direction, whilst maintaining a high level of credibility with professional service and academic colleagues. In the bigger of the two projects, Vicky worked with us to deliver a piece of work that clearly charted our future direction and provided impetus for change, whilst also serving to highlight the importance of the international agenda within the institutional context.

December, 2020

Kate Walewska

director of the future students office at university of leicester

We are extremely grateful to Vicky Lewis, who served as our consultant on our new Internationalisation Strategy. Vicky is incredibly knowledgeable about the global TNE environment and the broader international HE market, and she has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that universities face. Vicky was extremely thorough and efficient, and consulted widely across the University to ensure that all key stakeholders’ opinions were heard and acknowledged, and where possible incorporated into the strategy. She was also able to provide us with valuable insights that helped us to develop a strategy that was both realistic and ambitious. As a result of Vicky's work, we are now well-positioned to expand our international reach. We would highly recommend Vicky Lewis to anyone looking for guidance on the development of their internationalisation strategy.

July, 2023

Karen Blackney

head of international office at university of east anglia

Vicky is a great listener and has the rare skill of being able to discern key points from ‘stream of consciousness’ discussions, helping to better define the brief for a project.  This is immensely useful and time saving.  Her approach is intelligent and thoughtful and her report writing skills are excellent.  I have worked with her on three different international engagement projects over the past few years, and have been delighted by the work produced for each of these.  All reports have contributed significantly to either successful bids for university funding or a change of organisational direction.

January, 2021

Gemma Smith

head of international recruitment at liverpool john moores university (NoW director of international recruitment and development at staffordshire university)

(Joint project with Julie Vincent)

Vicky and Julie worked with us over a number of months. They were a joy to work with, keeping us informed every step of the way, but not overloading us with queries. Their depth of understanding of the HE sector was immediately apparent and they engaged effectively with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.

The final report was an exceptional piece of work - exactly what we needed to steer our planning. It was clear that they had listened to stakeholders and produced something absolutely tailored to LJMU’s needs and stage of development. This also came through when Julie and Vicky presented their findings to senior staff. We were delighted with the way they collaborated seamlessly, pooling their collective expertise, and would highly recommend them.

March, 2018

Dr Richard O'Doherty

DEputy vice-chancellor at university of Gloucestershire (now retired)

I remember asking Vicky to do a review of our international student recruitment activity and being frustrated that she couched her initial respose in terms of a wider internationalisation context. But she was right to do so and the end result for us has been great buy in from staff and students to an agenda that utilises the presence of international students on campus as only one element in a much wider piece of work that is bringing global experiences to our students.

She navigated some pretty tricky politics - with ease! Highly recommended.

October, 2017

Angelina Bingley

Angelina BingleyHead of strategic marketing at University of southampton (now Chief Marketing and Engagement officer at university of leicester)

Vicky is a keen and direct strategist who was able to take a complex and multi-layered brief and cut right through to the nub of the issues. Vicky was able to bring a range of stakeholders together many of whom were based in Malaysia and work with them on a range of issues. Vicky was then able to use her considerable knowledge and international expertise to produce a number of recommendations to move the project forward. I enjoyed working with Vicky and found she always produced the results needed.

Top qualities: Great Results; Personable; Expert

November 6, 2013

Dr Ruth Sayers

eXECUTIVE DEAN LEARNING, TEACHING AND international at BISHOP GROSSETESTE university (until 2017)

Vicky has provided excellent support and encouragement to BGU over the past year. She has been generous with her time, often sending updates and ideas to the International Office. Her recent keynote enriched our annual conference with intelligence and insights into the internationalisation landscape. Her consultancy has moved the institution forward and we will continue to call on her expertise in the future.

May, 2016

Emma Frearson Emmanuel

head, international development office at swansea University (now associate director of marketing, recruitment and international)

Vicky Lewis Consulting provides a professional, highly organised, detail-conscious and time-sensitive service supported by clear communications. Highly recommended.

March, 2015

Kate La Barre

marketing manager at Hereford college of arts (at the time)

Vicky managed to expertly get to know us in a very short space of time by really listening and asking us searching questions. This process alone gave us a focus. We felt she understood very quickly what we are trying to achieve and that she had an excellent overview of the arts sector from an international perspective. I just felt we spoke the same language but that we could learn so much from her. Vicky's approach was really friendly and undemanding but had clarity about what she wanted to achieve throughout the process. Her report and action plan are realistic and highly readable – straightforward and uncomplicated yet with lots of detail and additional information.

July, 2015

Malcolm Ace

Chief Operating Officer at University of Southampton (until 2014)

Great to work with, hope to work with her again. Really strong strategic clear recommendations on a new marketing plan

Top qualities: Great Results; Personable; High Integrity

November 27, 2013

Caroline Benyon

NOW: DIRECTOR OF Global recruitment, admissions, Marketing and communications at university of westminster

Vicky combines visionary leadership skills with a superb approach to management, inspiring loyalty and confidence from those in her team. She is a talented marketer and communicator with a rare ability for turning strategic aspiration into operational reality...and results!

January 27, 2013

Inés Teresa-Palacio, Chartered Marketer

head of strategic marketing at university of southampton (Now deputy general manager global business development at universitat oberta de catalunya)

Vicky was able to make sense of a complex situation we were facing, and prepared a comprehensive set of recommendations and marketing plan that is helping us to achieve our strategic objectives. She was able to step in to ensure the operational activities were implemented, acting as project manager when necessary and leading all the individuals involved; and at the same time liaised at strategic level with all stakeholders both in the UK and overseas. She is a great colleague to work with, friendly, professional and reliable, and I have no hesitation in recommending her!

Top qualities: Great Results; Personable; Expert

January 11, 2014

Ann Dimmock (formerly Fernandez)

Director of Marketing & Communications at Bournemouth University (at the time)

Vicky is multi-talented - able to think and act strategically while ensuring planning and implementation are kept to the fore. I learnt an enormous amount while working with Vicky. She is a great line manager - always supportive and able to help her reports find their own answers. Vicky is also extremely knowledgeable about marketing in higher education sector both internationally and domestically. Calm in the face of challenges, Vicky is balanced, fair and has great integrity. I always left her office feeling better than when I went in!

February 18, 2014

Richard Gregory CMgr FCMI

Richard GregoryProject Manager at University of Southampton (until 2016)

Vicky's ability to understand complex and multi-faceted problems is excellent. This coupled with her great depth of knowledge of the international education market made her a key asset when developing a marketing strategy for our campus in Malaysia.
She created clear and achievable operational goals from a strategically complex situation.

Top qualities: Great Results; Good Value; Creative

November 26, 2013


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