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Posted on 24 Jun 2020 at 10:34 by Vicky Lewis

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The Summer 2020 edition of the EAIE’s Forum magazine focuses on Employability for the 21st Century. Among a EAIE Forum Summer 2020 - Employabilitywealth of fascinating articles is one by Louise Nicol (Asia Careers Group) and me: What Happens After Graduation? (pdf download)

Our piece starts by observing that, ‘whether graduates seek work in the host country or the sending country, it’s in the best interest of both national governments and individual institutions to facilitate international students’ transition into the workforce and accurately track employment trends’.

Australian and UK governments have both stressed the importance of graduate outcomes. At the same time, research shows that career impact is a key factor for international students when choosing their future university.

Post-study work or employment back home

Some graduates wish to remain in their host country to work following completion of their studies. We’ve seen the appeal of this in the UK with the surge in interest generated by the announcement of the two-year post-study work route that will be available to those graduating from summer 2021 onwards. Most international graduates, however, seek employment back home.

Wherever their graduates end up, universities have the opportunity to play a crucial role in supporting them into and through their careers. Our article highlights some ways that UK universities are taking up that opportunity.

Outcomes and institutional ‘personality’

Data collected by Asia Careers Group show that by far the majority of internationally educated Asian graduates go on to have successful careers with higher than average earnings. Analysis suggests that the outcomes of a university’s graduates reflect the personality and mission of the institution and can therefore be used to reinforce its positioning in the minds of prospective students.

As we enter a global recession, ‘it is more important than ever for universities to prove the connection between the educational experience they provide and their international graduates’ subsequent career success’. Young people will be looking for evidence of the lifetime value of their chosen degree.

Our article concludes by arguing that ‘an active decision to make graduate outcomes and employability an institutional priority positions a university effectively for the future, while also showing that it recognises and respects its students’ motivations for studying overseas’.

You can read the full (not very long) article here (pdf download).     

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