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Posted on 27 Jun 2014 at 13:13 by Vicky Lewis

Info sheet based on June 2014 Webinar

Earlier this week I delivered a webinar via The Brenn-White Group's International Education Academy, entitled 'The Proper Role of Marketing in Overseas Campus Development'.

The webinar highlights the different stages in the campus development process when marketing expertise needs to be drawn upon. I've produced an accompanying PDF Information Sheet which provides a checklist of marketing-related questions that institutions need to ask themselves at each stage; it also includes a suggested structure for a branch campus marketing and recruitment activity plan.

I'd really welcome any feedback on how useful this is as a resource for those in marketing roles who are embarking on the international branch campus development process.

The Information Sheet, along with links to both the webinar recording and my presentation slides, can be accessed from the Resources and Publications page of this website under Resources: Transnational Education.




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