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Web content refresh


I’ve been aware for some time that my Vicky Lewis Consulting website was in need of a content update and reorganisation.

It had developed somewhat organically over the (nearly) ten years that I’ve been an independent consultant.

I have finally got around to giving it a much-needed content refresh.

Project case studies

I’ve organised case studies of my past consultancy projects under thematic categories so it’s easier to find examples of work I’ve done in each area:

Resources and publications

I’ve also given the Resources and Publications section a major update and reorganisation.

Alongside my consultancy, I do academic research, present at conferences and write articles and opinion pieces. My consultancy often sparks ideas for research projects; and my research feeds into my consultancy work, ensuring it’s informed by the latest thinking.

The Resources and Publications page of my website provides access to resources I’ve developed and publications I’ve produced, which are relevant to those with an interest in higher education internationalisation and, in particular, those developing international strategies and related plans.

The topics I write and speak about most are listed. Clicking on a particular topic will take you to a selection of relevant resources and publications:

I hope this makes it easier to find useful content.

This section will evolve over time and I plan to add in some links to resources produced by others which I have found useful.

When new material is added, this will be flagged up via LinkedIn, Twitter and on this blog.

If you’d like to be informed directly (via a short email) of new blog posts or resources, you can subscribe to my update service (the updates are rather sporadic – you won’t be bombarded!).

And the mugshot…

Vicky Lewis

We’re all guilty of using photos of ourselves online that are not exactly up-to-date.

I decided it was time to grasp the nettle and replace the photo taken back in 2013 when I started my consultancy business...

Vicky Lewis


... with one that actually looks like me now (having ‘embraced my grey’ and given up on the contact lenses!).






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